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Providing global opportunities to the Future of Technology

At Renaissance Innovation Labs, we find the smartest people, provide them with the right tools for success, and generate innovative solutions for individuals, industries and organizations.

We improve work and life

At Renaissance Labs, we turn ideas to success, helping individuals and business write their success stories.

What we do

RIL facilitates technology experiments from ideation to the formation of business units and translates solutions to enterprises.

We support your dreams with technology, providing end-to-end solutions that help you achieve your goals. From ideation to implementation, we are with you every step of the way.

Who we are

We are an innovative company, driven by our desire to support technology enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations in the quest to redefine our society and communities for the better.

Our Services

Discover a World of Possibilities: Where Innovation Meets Inspiration

Product Innovation

Experience the art of product building with Renaissance. Our team of expert designers and engineers are dedicated to meticulously crafting innovative solutions that not only meet your requirements but exceed your expectations.

Ubuntu Space

Discover Port Harcourt in a new way! Meet your team and get creative at our workspace, located in the city center. With access to WIFI, power, and well-lit and spacious spaces, you can focus on your work without disruptions.

Learn with RIL

Our BootCamp connects young innovators and provides them with technological and business insights while collaborating on globally significant projects with full access to world-class training, technical, soft and leadership skills.

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Explore the Future of Innovation through our Playground

From groundbreaking software solutions to cutting-edge hardware, our product playground is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Dive into a world of digital wonders, where ideas come to life, and possibilities are endless.

With our team of self driven talents, we offer solution to problems using AI and other tools.


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Here’s what our innovators say about us

I am impressed and marveled at my daughter’s progress in just 2 weeks. She looks happy after every such session and comes home trying to tell me about its highlights. I’m very much interested in her continuing.

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Engr. Emem Obot

A week after joining the summer class, I was mind blown by the work my nephew showed me because it is precisely what people pay for online even though they often don’t get their money’s worth. I was happy to see my nephew go through all the user experience processes.

Anthony Oyakhilome Justice's testimonial image
Anthony Oyakhilome Justice

RIL provides a great working environment that facilitates growth and expertise. Working as an AI developer has given me a strong emphasis on applied learning, where I got to employ my skills in data extraction, data analysis, model development and deployment on real life projects.

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Olatunji, AI developer
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Our Case Studies

Our projects are designed with the aim of solving problems and making life easier for all

We take your idea and upgrade it into a solid digital product, taking into accounts your business specifications

project Finza


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A payment solution targeted at the Nigerian community in the US as well as Nigerian residents who desire to make international transactions and save in dollars.

project Lepole


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Le Pole is an online platform that helps users plan and track their gym workouts with customizable work out plan based on their fitness goals and preferences.

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We’re building a community that connects you to the knowledge you need to build your tech career. Join our community of experts who share their tips and insights, ask questions, and help one another every day.


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