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We reimagine Africa in today’s world of rapid technological development. We find the smartest people, provide them with the right tools for success, and generate innovative solutions for individuals, industries and organizations.

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Our story


In 2019, our founder Joseph realized that in spite of the increasing supply of young talents in the region only a few had the opportunities to grow and explore their innovative ideas. It was out of this great need that RIL was born. That same year, we partnered with other tech communities in Port Harcourt for the international space apps challenge.


RIL has been on a mission to revolutionize Africa’s tech space with disrupting innovations and solutions to the biggest issues. We’ve invested heavily to nurture local talents. We have supported collaborations in building ground-up solutions that have authentic value to Africans.


In 2021, we launched our fellowship program which was designed to unite young innovators. We trained over 25 innovators, providing them with resources including access to industry experts. Some of these young innovators are currently employed by international partner organizations using the skills learnt under us.


With a proven track record of success in collaboration and nurturing tech talents, we launched the RILearn program. With this program, we have trained 15 in our bootcamp and 11 young teens and children talents via our Kids in Tech programs. We hosted various tech events including, Motion Design Experience (MDX), React Event and the RILExpo. We have fostered career development via our online communities and RILdiscuss.

our mission

Our mission is to move people forward through social, economic, and technological progress. We’re enabling a culture of orchestrated development that supports technology enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, and well-meaning individuals and organizations in the quest to redefine our society and communities for the better.

our vision

Our singular vision is to build a company capable of redefining our society and communities for the better.

Our values

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We believe that when you work together, great things can happen

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We are always looking for new ways to solve problems.

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At RIL, we are committed to creating a community that empowers individuals and teams, while paving the way for our visionary work.

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We believe in continuous growth and improvement, which is why we expect every one of us to show improvement as they spend time with us

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Integrity and Trust

Integrity is our core value, and it helps to ensure that we achieve our goals. We appreciate honesty and transparency, accountability and reliability.

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We apply our expertise to ensure excellence in all endeavors, going above and beyond the normal.

“Our singular vision is to build a company capable of redefining our society and communities for the better”

 Joseph Akintolayo
Joseph Akintolayo
Executive Chairman

Leadership Team

Our team comprises some of the most resourceful and smartest individuals, working together to drive the goal of innovation.

Shammah Nei

Shammah Nei

Emmanuel Stephen

Emmanuel Stephen

Segun Ekundayo

Segun Ekundayo

Siki Tekena

Siki Tekena

public relations

Partner with us

We are looking to foster partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations; Collaborations on projects, partnerships with our labs, as well as sharing and developing ideas. Be it tackling the next big challenge or innovating around an existing product, we are ready to partner with you.


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