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Start your career in tech with us. Join our bootcamp today!

Our BootCamp connects young innovators and provides them with technological and business insights while collaborating on globally significant projects.

The program’s objective is to prepare and guide tech enthusiasts through a robust learning & practice path, required to secure their careers in the ever-growing tech world.

With full access to world-class training, technical, soft and leadership skills; Our innovators are better equipped and stand a chance to compete for international opportunities.

What we offer

What you stand to gain from the bootcamp

Expand yourcareer opportunities with our courses

Learn from the best instructors and grow your skills to be a top developer, designer and digital martketer.

product design

front-end development

back-end development

data analysis

product/program management

digital marketing

Be part of our

Summer camp


Get your child started on the right career path!

We believe ‌ children are ready to develop the skills they will need for the future. Our goal is to provide a fun, rewarding and personalized learning experience for future tech experts. We have created a unique learning programme that bridges the gap between play and learning; bringing together technology and coding curriculum with a vibrant community of kids who love it.


  • Tech enthusiast
  • Access to a laptop
  • 8 - 14 year old
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We have addressed some questions you might have concerning the Bootcamp.

To be a part of the Bootcamp, click the register button on this page. You will be required to fill out an application form, after which you will be contacted with details.
There's no assessment needed to get into the bootcamp.
Here's the good part, you do not need to have a background in tech to join the bootcamp. Our Bootcamp was created to nurture you and get you to the top of your field.
A laptop will be compulsory for specific courses like front-end, back-end and product design. However, a smart phone can suffice for digital marketing.
For this edition, our bootcamp classes will be held onsite, therefore physical presence at the lab is mandatory. But not to worry, we are situated at the heart of Port -Harcourt city.
Depending on your chosen learning path, our bootcamp runs typically for a period of 8-12 weeks.

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